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    Hey Squaddies,
    You hear that? That's the sound of reinforcements! Starting Thursday, November 9, at 10 AM PST Squad will be available for a free weekend on Steam! Now is your chance to enlist those lazy grunts you've been palling around with and get their boots on the ground. Remember to be gentle: those little sweeties have never even caught a mortar.
    Even better, Squad will be 50% off during the free weekend! Knock out that lingering New Year's resolution to spend more time with your friends and save money on holiday gifts.
    Need a hand getting started with Squad, or been on leave for awhile? Brush up with the Squad Wiki before you deploy. Don't forget to join the official Discord server if you're looking for some squadmates:
    Zalo liker dette.
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En tråd i 'Nyheter / Artikler' startet av Total, 3 Nov 2017.

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